Support regarding COVID 19 Changes Comments
Submitting annual reports Official due date – 31.07.2020
A chance to extend tax payment deadline for a period up to 3 years without late fees
  1. The SRS will asses each deadline extension individually
  2. Extension up to 3 years will be granted to the companies that have made all previous tax payments on time
  3. Tax payment extension can be submitted in 2 months time after the submission of tax declaration.
  4. Local governments have the right to extend real estate tax deadline.

Industry associations have presented a proposal to the government, allowing labour force taxation to be reduced by 75% during the crisis period. There is no decision on this possibility at the given moment

VAT return every month VAT overpayment will be returned by the SRS every month after the submittion of VAT declaration (previously 1x year, excluding exporters)