The SRS website defines accounting policy as a set of principles, rules and methods for recording, assessing and representing business transactions, events, facts and financial statement positions. We can also say that the accounting policy of your company is like its small internal law, which you, as the company manager, use to set tasks for your accountants. With it, you determine how to correctly keep records of various assets in accordance with the special nature of your business, how to write off assets, how to find the right method to keep track of stocks and write off debtors, producing a numeric representation of your company’s business results as accurate as possible.

We offer:

  • Development and improvement chart of accounts, based on the special nature of the business;
  • Development of record keeping methods based on the type of business;
  • Development of the stock accounting methods;
  • Development of the company inventory procedure;
  • We develop and implement accounting policies for companies.