Handling of accounting is obligation of each and every company. This is regulated by the Accounting Law and monitored by SRS.  How would you summarise a 12-page long law in a few sentences, to say what accounting is? Essentially, accounting is a description of the entire life and business cycle of a company represented in numbers. Similarly to four-line verses in poetry, there are (typically) four numbers representing the account plan in accounting, which encodes all of the activities of the company expressed in monetary value.

This is why we say that providing accounting services is a job that demands knowledge and accuracy, so that the figures you get accurately represent the financial state of the company.

Usually we provide full accounting services, however sometimes we provide some specific part of services (like payroll, annual reporting etc), in case customer is willing to handle the rest.

We provide full scope of accounting tasks – from source documents to annual accounts:

  • Filing and verification of all of the client’s accounting documents, including compliance with the legislation and SRS interpretations;
  • Calculation of payroll, royalties, contract remuneration;
  • Calculation of taxes, preparation of any necessary reports, statements and tax returns and their submission to the SRS;
  • Continuous monitoring of tax accounted for by the SRS through EDS balance history;
  • Preparation of operational and annual reports ;
  • Restoration of accounting according to source documents of previous periods;
  • Preparation of legally compliant records.