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When I close my eyes, I can see these words written in letters of different sizes, fonts and colours. Some of the letters are underlined, others repeatedly highlighted with a pen. I can see a barely visible line crossing both these words, though it has lost its colour and is hard to see. I can see wet traces of a few tear drops fallen between the words, but there is a clear and thick exclamation sign at the end.

Happiness, exhaustion from sleepless nights, exhilaration, tears of powerlessness and betrayal, joy of success, experience, dependence and fearlessness, satisfaction, dignity, fear, support from colleagues, and encouragement from people around you. This is my business.




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    Always friendly and professional advice, quick drafting of documents, explanation of new laws - all of this helps our company work without wasting valuable time.

    • Tatjana Taurēna
    • SIA NOBU
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    AI Konsultāciju birojs service us for more than 10 years. We would never be able to obtain this level of expertise, knowledge and competence in-house delivered by AI Konsultāciju birojs. AI Konsultāciju birojs is always one step ahead of market, proactively communicating news and changes in legislation, helping us to plan better our work and prevent risks. We rate price/performance/quality rate with 5 stars.

    • Andris Kulbergs
    • Auto Asociācija
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    Before I started working with AI Konsultāciju birojs, I’d never realised that a company providing accounting services could be so professional, so accurate, so quick and kind in communication. Now my standard of expectations has been raised to a completely new level.

    • Jānis Skutelis
    • FlyCap SIA
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    We’ve been working with AI Konsultāciju birojs for several years. Cooperation is very smooth, communication nice and easy, they are fast and professional. We’ve already recommended AI Konsultāciju birojs to a few companies, and we suggest any company looking to outsource its accounting, or seeking a new service provider, to try AI Konsultāciju birojs services.

    • Jānis Janevics
    • AIFP Imprimatur Capital Fund Management SIA
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    We’ve been doing business with AI Konsultāciju birojs for four years. Professional attitude since day one, when AI Konsultāciju birojs took over services from our previous accountant. We highly appreciate accuracy in your work and communication.

    • Jānis Timermanis
    • AS Kredītinformācijas Birojs