About peace of mind

My business, my business, my business…

When I close my eyes, I can see these words written in letters of different sizes, fonts and colours. Some of the letters are underlined, others repeatedly highlighted with a pen. I can see a barely visible line crossing both these words, though it has lost its colour and is hard to see. I can see wet traces of a few tear drops fallen between the words, but there is a clear and thick exclamation sign at the end.

Happiness, exhaustion from sleepless nights, exhilaration, tears of powerlessness and betrayal, joy of success, experience, dependence and fearlessness, satisfaction, dignity, fear, support from colleagues, and encouragement from people around you. This is my business.

When you experience this entire palette of emotions every day, you need someone to give you peace of mind and confidence. Being sure that there is someone who covers your back, while you are working hard on the frontlines would help so much! You need someone to give you valuable advice before making complex decisions, you need someone to oppose you based on your business data, you need someone to guide you through the jungle of tax legislation and you certainly need help when you find yourself in a dispute or discussion with business supervisory authorities.

We often ask our clients what keeps us together. “You always deep-dive into our business, investigate and don’t stop until you understand exactly how we make money. You are competent and dependable. This gives us sense of security and confidence. There is peace of mind.”

I know that two words “my business” mean the same for our clients as it does for me. This is why it is so easy. So easy to understand each other and to work together.

Join us, the door is open. With us, you can have peace of mind for money.


Aiva Liakovičus
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Business growth, confidence and peace of mind.