about us

When my little daughter turned one year old I learned to juggle with three lemons. That was not easy but I strived because I wanted to delight my sweaty. When little daughter saw her father attractive activities she excited screamed and clapped her hands. It was worth it! Now she is four and she asks me is that all I can do? Could I handle five lemons or do something more complicated? ... Now we time by time go to circus... I tried to explain to my little daughter that each person is Professional in something what he have learned and practiced for long time and he is the best in it. Dad cannot juggle as well as juggler in circus...

When my little daughter will grow up I will tell her about balance sheets, profit/loss statement, I will explain what good accountant means and what he or she does. Probably she would like to try it herself...

But while she is growing up I would willingly tell that to you. I would introduce you with few professional Accountants with big „A”.  With professionals who always know what, how and why they are doing something and who will always be able to answer your questions. They are accurate, proficient and personally in attitude towards you.

A&I Konsultāciju Birojs was founded back in 2008 with former name A&I Consulting. Company is owned by two shareholders both involved in running business. Company was founded right before deep recession when one of shareholders Aiva Liakovičus decided to leave CFO position in food retail chain Maxima Latvia.

A&I Kosnultāciju Birojs employs four qualified professionals and supplies monthly accounting services for up to 40 customers representing different business fields.

Company shareholder Aiva Liakovicus is certified tax consultant (certificate Nr.119). A&I Konsultāciju birojs is member of Latvian Association of Outsourced Accounting Services. Our third person liability is insured.